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Wood palettes
Are indispensable components of the transportation industry as well as storage. Whether as standardised series product or special version, wood palettes are prized for their high loading capacity and standard dimensions. In addition, they can be stacked and thus facilitate easy, universal handling of goods of all kinds.

In addition to selling, purchasing and leasing, our range of services and products includes the repair and disposal of:

    • wood palettes
    • Europool palettes
    • CP palettes
    • one-time palettes
    • special palettes
    • insert frames
    • and special constructions

Euro exchange palette 800 * 1200 mm

One-time palette, 2-way version

One-time palette, 4.way version

Industrial palette 1000 * 1200 mm

4-way palette 1000 * 1200 mm

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