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Production shop from inside and outside           

Production shop from inside and outside           

Packaging materials and palettes made of wood-the environment- friendly alternative

Around 3 million cubic metres of wood are utilised every year in the manufacture of wooden packaging materials and palettes. Above all, dimensions and qualities are required which cannot be utilised in other branches, which contributes towards optimum usage of timber already felled. Wooden packaging materials and palettes are manufactured through a mechanical processing of the wood. This requires very little energy and no water.

Contrary to packaging made of other materials, packaging materials and palettes made of wood do not require the sometimes extensive and costly recycling processes.

They are easy to repair, can fundamentally be used over and over again, thus protecting precious resources.

We offer more than just products.

Our services range from the manufacture of standardised and tailor-made packaging materials as well as packaging services such as collection, repair and selling of used products and salvaging of packaging materials and palettes made wood which can no longer be used. Transportation to our customers is carried out using our own vehicles.

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